The rite to defeat envy

//The rite to defeat envy

The rite to defeat envy

First of all before Christmas the persons who felt strongly be envied by friends and relatives, turned to those special women who had the power to free them. The envy brings the person who is the victim to suffer physical illnesses and live daily misfortunes and for this reason the healer contacts for every case the proper Saint. St. Pasquale to find love, St. Lucia for eye decease , etc.

The rite consists in to pronounce magic formula and secret prayers while they let fell a drop of oil on a plate full of water; at the end the water is cut by scissors and thrown on the street to leave the victim free and to hit the first unaware person.

Only the healers know the formula of this mysterious rite because the old healer lady, at the right moment, passes verbally in complete secret the rite to her follower losing all her power.

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